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home staging vancouver

Can Clean Design Really Affect your Mental State?

We know a home should be clean and tidy. But, can clean design really affect your mental state?

home staging vancouver

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home staging vancouver

169,000 search results show less is more. How you treat your interior space has a direct link to your well-being. Although mess may not cause mental health issues, it certainly doesn’t help them. A clean home gives you the space you think clearly and allows you to truly decompress.


Named one of Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People of 2015, Marie Kondo has shifted our way of tidying. Japanese minimalism has spread all across the globe, and she is one of the most recognized names in regards to organizing. She has a three-month wait list for her KonMari services, where she transforms the homes of clients in Tokyo. Clearly, she’s doing something right.


home staging vancouver

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home staging vancouver

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The popularity of micro homes has grown exponentially, especially in Vancouver where the space is limited. We love the homes NOMAD is creating in B.C. But, you can find micro homes across the world, in all shapes and sizes!

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