fluff designs vignette challenge

The Flüff Designer Challenge

We like to keep our designers on their toes. In this designer challenge we asked the designers to stage a living room vignette for a client. Patti gave each team one design element. From a bright red sofa to lime green… Read more »

4 Ways to Style a Pink Sofa – Part2

Happy February! We get pretty excited about Valentine’s Day at Flüff Designs. In honour of our favourite month we are debuting our new favourite pink sofa from Gus Modern*. Here is the Aubrey Sofa in Velvet Blush. The designers couldn’t wait to work… Read more »

Great IKEA Hack

I don’t normally blog about restaurants but I have to share this experience with you. Rick and I had lunch in the most adorable restaurant today. It’s called Plantoplanto. It’s located in North Vancouver at 125 E. 2nd. St. The menu is vegetarian with… Read more »

Fluff Designs - Argyle Construction Update from Patti - www.rentfluff.com

Argyle Construction Update from Patti

I had a site visit to the Argyle Construction project yesterday. It’s coming along nicely. The second building is just about to go up. The foundations are being poured so it won’t be long. The drywall is up in the… Read more »

20 Minute Fireplace Transformation

This has got to be one of the most effective DIY projects I know of.  I am sure you have all seen one of these dated brass fireplace inserts.  This is such a quick and easy fix.  Here are the… Read more »