Chihuly Garden and Glass

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Over the weekend, my friend and I took an overnight trip to Seattle. I was expecting to hit up some local boutiques, try Oddfellows Cafe, grocery shop at Trader Joe’s, and head to the Seattle Art Museum

Needless to say, I only accomplished half of my list, and was not expecting to go to a glass garden! My friend convinced me that we just had to go see the one-year anniversary exhibit of a blown glass garden near the Seattle Space Needle, and to my surprise, it was one of the highlights of the trip.

The Chihuly Garden and Glass museum shows the work of Dale Chihuly, an American artist and entrepreneur. He was a moving force in the blown glass field, as he moved small glass pieces “into the realm of large-scale sculpture.” 

It was just amazing to see how glass can be twisted, turned, made into flowers, starfish, and many more shapes. And the colour was absolutely stunning! The sculptures inside the museum were taller than your average ceiling and contained hundreds if not thousands of individual blown-glass pieces. 

We watched a short video on Chihuly and his team putting together a “chandelier”. They pre-make hundreds of pieces and scatter them all around the work space, then Chihuly directed his team to add certain pieces he loved, and to make the chandelier not too symmetrical.

At the end of the tour, I jokingly asked my friend who recently graduated with her medical degree, to get me a set of Chihuly blown-glass bowls from the gift shop as my future house-warming gift. The set only cost $6500. I’m crossing my fingers she’ll remember which colour bowls I wanted!

~ Miranda, Marketing

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