Drayton Renovations: Week 3 Update

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The initial tearing apart process is always so exciting and in one’s imagination it goes much more quickly than reality. It’s that long drawn out drywall process that always seems to be the hold up. But it’s over now at Drayton – FINALLY – and we are in the fun putting back together stage now. 

The tile setter has finished except for the grout. The backsplash looks great as does the entrance and dining area.  What a change from the river rock. 

Shane and Mitchell are almost done painting and the cool grey looks so much better than the dusty rose that was on every surface (including the ceiling). 

As much as I wanted dearly to save the inlaid hardwood, it was really beyond its better days. So wall-to-wall will give this a really fresh and contemporary looks. 

Another tough decision was to paint the fireplace. I just think the pink tone of those bricks are going to look so dated next to all the clean grey and white. 

On this week’s to do list is order up the window coverings, hopefully finish up the painting and carpets should be installed next week. 

~ Patti Houston, Owner

Patti Houston owner of Flüff Design & Decor


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  1. Jennie says:

    It’s looking amazing! Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  2. I’m excited to see the outcome of this project, when it is done please share more photos Patti.

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