New Fabric Collection – Summer 2014

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New Fabrics 2014 - Fluff Designs -

We are launching our new summer collection from the BandIt Decor line and we couldn’t be more excited with how it’s coming along!

Textures & Sheen

The fabrics are fresh, fun and have a touch of youthfulness to them. We chose some great pastel toned colours in different textures like embossed velvets and woven fabrics with sheen.


Of course, one of our favourite things to do is play with patterns! We’ve added an updated chevron print to the collection, as well as a minimal dot print. 

New Fabrics – Polka Dots and Chevron

Pairing with Yellow

We think this collection would pair perfectly with our colour of the month, buttery yellow. (If you didn’t get a chance to check out that blog post you can read it here.  Because the yellow is in the same tonal range as the blues and purples we chose for our summer collection, it pairs nicely and doesn’t look too busy.

Mixing Colours

The most important thing to consider when mixing an array of colours together is whether they’re in the same tonal range or not. You wouldn’t want to mix a deep-toned olive green into a mix of pastel fabrics, or neon colours with pastels.

You also do not want to combine warm and cool colours together. It will look distracting and unbalanced. We added some graphics below to demonstrate how this works.


Happy colour mixing everyone! We hope you love our summer collection as much as we do. We will keep you posted on the completion of the new products.

 Jordan, Designer + Textiles~ Jordan, designer & textiles



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  1. Jennie says:

    Looks great guys! I like the polk-a-dots! 🙂

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