Rammed Earth – Randy Bachman’s Salt Spring Island Home

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Randy Bachman Home

We recently read a great article in this season’s issue of Westcoast Homes & Design about Randy Bachman’s home on Salt Spring Island.

This house is AMAZING! Rammed earth is an eco-friendly way to design a home and it looks beautiful.

“The relationship between the inside and outside was paramount . . . every room opens to the outdoors.”

Phillip Van Horn worked with Meiror Kranenhoff to create the magnificent home. They used a technique called rammed earth to create the home.

We looked into this process more and here’s what we learned:

  • Earth, chalk, lime or gravel can be used for the materials.
  • They are simple to construct, noncombustible, thermally massive and durable.
  • The earth material is compressed into a frame or mould to create a solid wall or bricks.
  • Historically, aslime or animal blood was added as a stabilizer (now cement is added).
  • They are a great sustainable source because they embodied energy and little waste.
  • Overall, they are energy-efficient buildings.

In the 90’s, Krakenhoff, the builder, was working with a selection of people who were building alternative structures, specifically rammed earth hand underground constructions. Van Horn, the designer, spent five years on the project. He carefully assessed the site because he wanted to create a flow from room-to-room which captured the sun.

Randy Bachman Home

The walls are layered with geological formations from sea shells, geodes, and sculpted fossilized creatures. The beams are recycled from a Vancouver Island bridge. The other wood in the home was also sourced locally. There are plants and grasses growing on the roof to add insulation. The whole structure is hypo-allergenic and mould resistant with great internal air quality.

David Suzuki did an interview with Randy Bachman featuring this home. Click here to watch the video on rammed earth.

David Suzuki Rammed Earth with Randy Bachman

We loved reading about this award-winning home. Did you get a chance to read the article? Click here to read the full article.
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