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We love prints and patterns here at Flüff – from mixing many prints together, to letting them shine in a neutral space. It makes a room stand out and have tons of interest! Here are prints and patterns we love!

WallpaperPrintPattern1We love the idea of printed wallpaper in the home, as we mentioned in this blog post. There are great options for temporary and permanent printed wallpaper right now. We think they look great in a smaller space so that it’s not too overwhelming (as well as expensive – wallpaper is very pricey!)

TilingPrintPattern4We LOVE this Moroccan style tiling in these spaces. We think this is great for a daring home, or perhaps a vacation home. It would make a beautiful kitchen backsplash or bathroom! We like the vibrant colours in the left images, and the classic feel to the right image. We think keeping the classic feeling is crucial if you’re doing bold tiling in a home, as you want to enjoy as long as possible. Here’s our Pinterest board of bold tiling and finishings in the home.

PillowsPrintPattern3We think printed pillows are the easiest way to add prints to a space! We love these pillows that were collected from this persons travels. They are all different prints, but look cohesive because they fall under our tips for mixing patterns, seen here.

Décor ItemsPrintPattern2
If you like the idea of adding prints and patterns into your space, but are hesitant to committing to wallpaper and tiling, home décor items are your best option. These are perfect examples of using the right amount of pattern. The marble collection on the left is a great way to keep a space looking minimal and classic, but maintaining the interest the patterns bring. These ikat style plates in the right images are so beautiful you could hang them on the wall or display them in an open shelving unit. We have a collection of accessory inspiration images on our Pinterest. Check it out to see some great printed/patterns options.

We can’t wait to bring more printed accessories into our inventory at Fluff! Which is your favourite way to use prints and patterns in the home?

If you’d like to see more print and pattern inspiration, check out our Pinterest board dedicated solely to that!

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