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Patti, owner of Flüff, sat down with local business owners Jessica and Kyle of Power of my People. Here’s how their chat went:

“Patti Houston’s business philosophy is simple. Approach the world with basic goodness, hold this true in your heart and magic will happen.”

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all images taken by Kyle, Power of my People

I had the opportunity to sit down with Jessica and Kyle, creators of Power of my People. This young company combines the talents of two creative’s; Jessica who’s an amazing fashion designer, and Kyle who has a background in business and technology. They have a division of their website called “The People Series”. They showcase local business owners and the difference they are making.

On how Patti got started:

“From the age of 20 she has been an entrepreneur – whether hustling clients for her Visual Merchandising business, opening clothing stores, and now her most recent venture, Flüff a Vancouver based home-staging company.”

home staging vancouver

Many of you personally know me, but I bet you didn’t know I started out as a Display Artist! While living in Winnipeg, I ran into one of my friends running about in a frenzy. He was desperate for a new display artist and, at the time, that was not a common job. I offered up my display artistry and got hired. I researched the skills needed for this job and learned as much as possible beforehand, but I had no formal training nor had ever worked in window displays. I knew I had to do this at a job, and would make it work.

Her Business Motto:

“Go in with a kind heart, be kind to people, realize what they’re going through, support and help them. As soon as you have that in your heart and in your mind it’s amazing.”

home staging vancouver

It’s so crucial to run your business with heart and integrity. People will see right through your business if you’re demanding more money. If you offer support and build relationships they’ll back your business. And that’s a two way street.

I think the entrepreneurial nature is for life to become your business. In general, I think those are the people that are successful in entrepreneurship. If someone thinks they are going to open a business and then just have a 9-5 job and get rich, it doesn’t happen that way. You have to work really hard and there is nothing wrong with that.”

home staging vancouver

It’s tough work but somebody has got to do it. Run a business out of a place of passion and it won’t feel like work.

More on Power of my People:

I connected with Jessica and Kyle at one of their pop-ups. I fell in love with their product and the two of them. Their quality shirts are so beautiful. It was a tough decision, but I chose the Maven in a stone grey colour. Once I touched the fabric, I knew I had to have one. It was great chatting with these two while shopping their collection of shirts. It’s inspiring to meet young business owners and be reminded of what it’s like to get started.

Check out their collection here:


And the whole feature here:


Patti Houston, owner of Flüff Design & Decor ~ Patti Houston, owner of Flüff Design & Decor

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