Inspired by Worldly Interiors: Morocco

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We love getting inspired by worldly interiors, via travel, or social media. One country with notable style is Morocco, where woven African textiles and vibrant colours shine.

This Northern African country is so stunning due to it’s diverse architecture. Details commonly seen in homes are:

  • tiling: the bold patterned tiling lines houses and religious temples.
  • arches: Moorish, or keyhole, and horseshoe shaped arches are commonly seen.
  • fountains: these are frequently seen in Morocco, as it’s Islamic culture to bathe before prayer.
  • mud brick: historically homes were built of mud brick, as to keep out intruders.

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images (left to right): Tumblr, Conde Nast Traveler, Flickr

The vibrant colours and patterns can’t be missed in Morocco. What’s interesting is that each colour holds a meaning, and is carefully selected.

  • blue and turquoise: heaven, water, and protection from the evil’s eyes, enhanced medical condition
  • white: cleanliness, good luck, beauty, femininity, moral
  • pink and red: fertility, femininity, childbirth and happy marriage
  • black: commonly seen but negative, bad luck, grief
  • green: related to Muslim interpretation of heaven
  • yellow, gold and orange: wealth, sunshine, protects from evil

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images (left to right): The Love Assembly, Travel and Leisure, MyDomaine

Souk’s, outdoor markets, are another must-see in Morocco. Although crowded and hot, these markets host a sea of colours and scents that are so special to this country.

  • textiles: beautiful woven textiles can be found for next to nothing here. Find Kilim and Persian rugs, as well as Batik, Ikat, and Damask textiles
  • spices: cayenne, cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, black pepper, anise, sesame, cumin, paprika, saffron
  • ceramics: colourful plates, tajines, and garden pots can be found at the markets

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images (left to right): 8 Rue Caffarelli, Guiddoo, Local Adventurer

The Blue City, Chefchaouen

home staging vancouverimages (left to right): Conde Nast Traveler, My Craftwork, DuJour Magazine

Andalusian gardens, brass details, fresh mint tea

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images (left to right): Trendland, Conde Nast Traveler, Honestly YUM

We hope you’re inspired by Morocco’s worldly interiors. Embrace colour, pattern, and mixed materials like this African country does and you’ll be sure to create a stunning interior.

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images (left to right): Pinterest, Local Adventurer


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