My New Home – by Patti Houston

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Beka & I talk design in my new home.

My dear friend Beka & I spent hours meticulously selecting the right pieces for my new home.

The Design

Several months ago I had the good fortune to be introduced to a Scott Posno designed house being built by Arix Homes. It wasn’t listed at the time, but after reviewing the floor plans and realizing the incredible quality of the build I asked, they said yes, and now this amazing house is my new home. I have appreciated Scott’s houses for a very long time. I always imagined that one day I may be lucky enough to live in one of his “John Street Homes”. The black one or the white one – either would have been just fine. Now, here I am enjoying this incredibly well designed home. It couldn’t be more perfect.

Patti created mood boards to help bring her vision to life.

I special ordered and experimented with many different pieces from our inventory site when creating my mood board.

The Styling

I wanted my new home to be focused around the kitchen, as I love to cook and love to feed people. The 12 foot island and perfectly designed kitchen put a big smile on my face. I love the 84” Lock and Mortice table in the dining room which can easily accommodate 8 people and looks out to the small but beautiful garden space. The house has a Nordic vibe and that suits my design aesthetic impeccably. I wanted to keep it light and bright with lots of variety in textures. Owning a furniture rental company, I had plenty of room to experiment with my mood board by snagging some images from the Flüff Design inventory page. After 3 special order sofas, 36 dining chairs, 4 rugs and lots of bedding the house came together just as I had imagined.

The house finally comes together with the help of the staff at Flüff & Beka.

With a little Flüff magic, my new home was brought to life.

The Result

I’m fortunate to have a crew of incredibly talented people who not only understood my vision but helped immensely in making my dreams come true. Acting as The Client within Flüff was an experience I will forever be grateful for. Moving home is one of the most stressful parts of life, but working alongside my long time friend and collaborator Beka from Beka Design Co. eased the pain. No words can describe how happy I am. Between the incredible design and the far above average quality build this house is definitely HOME. There will be many memories created here.

– Patti

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