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Patti’s Drayton 2 House Renovation in North Vancouver

Well I’m finished another house renovation in North Vancouver and it was even more gratifying than the last one. I can’t believe how great it is to see a property transform in a short period of time. This mid-century modern home has such good bones and it just needed a little TLC. It went quite […]


Update on Drayton 2 Renovation

There are two clear and distinctively different aspects to any renovation project: 1. The tearing apart part or deconstruction and 2. The rebuild. The first day is always so exciting when things start coming down but after several days of dust & dirt the novelty wears off. Once stage 2 starts I love every single day. […]


Update from Patti: North Vancouver Renovation – Drayton 2

July 28, 2014 Progress is being made on my North Vancouver Renovation. Here’s a little update on what’s going on so far. The new tub is definitely going to be a huge improvement over the previous yellow one. The plumber is there today to install all the new fixtures. Safety has been addressed with the replacement […]


Update From Patti: Drayton Renovation in North Vancouver

Well like any renovation, there have been some surprises – some good and some not so good. We did get the dishwasher removed from it’s peculiar location and removed the portion of the cabinets to accommodate the new dishwasher position. (Good news!) There was a leak from the dishwasher hook-up that we did not notice […]


Drayton Update

We are coming into the home stretch with the Drayton project.  The electrician has finished his work, the exterior painting is done, the interior is almost complete and the carpet has been laid. I am so pleased with the results.  Joe, Sarah and Jane will be staging hopefully by the end of the week.  It’s […]


Drayton Renovations: Week 3 Update

The initial tearing apart process is always so exciting and in one’s imagination it goes much more quickly than reality. It’s that long drawn out drywall process that always seems to be the hold up. But it’s over now at Drayton – FINALLY – and we are in the fun putting back together stage now.  […]


Drayton Renovations: Week 2 Update

Week 2: There was lots of progress this week. The tearing apart always seem to go more quickly than the putting back together. This week’s accomplishments were: The electrical has been updated and new attractive switch plates installed – The spindles are gone and we are ready to start drywalling We are prepped for painting. […]


Quick and Easy Fireplace Upgrade

This has got to be by far the most impactful change around the home and perfect if you are on a budget. With a little bit of paint you can take your fireplace to another level. It can really change the whole atmosphere in the room. One of our most popular pins on Pinterest is […]


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