Tips + Tricks ~ Dining Room Seating

We love to mix things up with the dining room furniture. Often the dining room is only a handful of pieces, so you have to have fun where you can. In this post we will look at 3 different ways to arrange your dining seating and some ideas for adding more interest. Option #1 Use

Colour Inspo ~ Hot for Fall at Flüff

Marlon made me promise I wouldn’t use “hot for fall”, but I can’t help myself it’s too cute! Truly though, these vignettes were inspired by the runways and how we see it being interpreted in interiors in the coming months. Here are some of our favourites from New York Fashion Week 2018 as reported by Elle

living room with black chairs and light sofa

How To ~ Area Rug Size Guide

Choosing an area rug for your living space is an important step in creating a well styled room. We have 3 simple rules we follow when we are choosing a rug and we think they may help you. Basically the rules coordinate to the 3 general sizes of rugs, small (4″ x 6″ or 5″

tray with cookbook stack of bowls and plant

Flüff Loves ~ Colour in the Kitchen

Summer is finally here and with the sun comes a craving for colour in the kitchen. We are always advocating keeping your major pieces neutral but we love a little pop of colour to liven up a home staging or styling project. Especially in the kitchen! Colourful Accents We love a clean white counter-top but

white soap package with paint splotches

Modern Bath Accessories @ Flüff

Pretty packaging and beautiful products are an obsession for the designers at Flüff. We love creating vignettes for our staging projects with clean modern bath accessories. Needless to say the Flüffians are pretty happy with our latest accessory additions. These gorgeous designer bath and beauty products can elevate any room and add the special touch

New @ Flüff ~ Modern Patio Furniture

We are so happy with the enormous shipment of new modern patio furniture that just arrived at Flüff. Modern and modular, these bright white frames and neutral grey cushions are very versatile. They look sharp and they provide a nice break from the standard brown rattan that has been so popular. We wanted to style

Inspired By Unico ~ Travel Abroad

The Flüffians will travel in search of inspiration. At the moment Jordan is in Asia soaking up some culture and re-energizing. Jordan looks for design everywhere and she sent us pictures from her trip. In Japan Jordan discovered a great design store called Unico. We love mid century modern and lots of texture so naturally

Garage Sale Success! Thank You

Another garage sale has come and gone and we think it was the best to date. It’s true, it was very civilized (sometimes it can get a bit wild!) and everyone left happy. Here are some of the highlights from the sale. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletters to get info on sales and