Farewell Julius Shulman

Julius Shulman, an architectural photographer, died in Los Angles at 98.  His photographs of modern design of the south western coast of America are gorgeous and inspiring.  He has left behind an amazing body of work and will be sadly missed.

Yard Sale!

Flüff would like to thank everyone who came to the yard sale!  We had a great time seeing lots of familiar faces, and meeting so many new people.

Flüff Loves & Congratulates Micheal Levin

Micheal Levin was named 2009 Fine Art Photographer of the year.  He is the first professional photographer to be twice-awarded this honour.  Vancouver  is bursting with talent and we are so proud that Micheal Levin one of us!

World Rose Festival 2009

With stiff competition from thousands of different varieties of roses at the World Rose Festival, Flüff’s Lounge was still a great hit the Green Thumbs!

June 13th Workshops

Thanks so much to Mark Ainley, Contemporary Feng Shui Consultant for his “Integrating Interior with Feng Shui”  workshop! Thanks so much to Lisa Roy, Owner and Creator of Spacelift for her workshop on Accessory Magic. Read what attendee Külli Yee had to say about the experiance!