Photography Workshop

Our Photography Workshop for Designers and Stagers was such a great success!  Thanks to those who flew in from Edmonton, Victoria and Powell River for the event.  And a HUGE thanks Aura Mckay and Barry Calhoun.  We all learned so much from both of you.  We are so looking forward to Level 2. Testimonials “Aura

Our first breakfast meeting – recap

COCOONING: Yes it is back! For those that are old enough to have experience past recessionary times (and that is the last time the “R” word will be used) you may remember Faith Popcorn coined the word “cocooning”. The word said so much – that we would all be spending a lot more time at

January 14th, 2010

Not only did we not save the original hardwood we decided to re-do the sub-floor. NO SQUEAKS! After viewing the gorgeous door sample for the kitchen we can now pick the hardwood. Ernie, our uber flooring guy, came by to measure up! Samples are next! The living room fireplace next. Which do you prefer?

It Sold!

We’re in a real estate market that has definitely changed from the furious pace of the last few years. However, properties are still selling if priced right and properly staged. Today another one of our clients has notified us of the sale of her property thanks to the staging. Let’s keep positive and remember this is a

Holiday Season

After our big day setting up the new home for the family, us “Fluffians” went out to celebrate the success of this project as well as the holiday season. Patti took us out for dinner at Stella’s on Commercial Drive, a Belgium bar with Mediterranean influenced tapas. There we exchanged our secret santa  gifts, shared

Thank You!

I would like to offer a HUGE thank-you to our suppliers, clients and friends of Fl?ff who helped us make this project a success. I would also like to thank my staff for their hard work, organizational skills and mostly their kind hearts! I know our family really appreciated all your kindness. ·Baila Lazarus ·Barbara

The Big Day – Setting Up The House

Our lucky family was provided with a house in East Vancouver. Our staff and volunteers working hard to make this house a home. Tanara is 13 and she squealed with delight when she saw her room. Skyhan is 12 and her favourite colour is blue. Tyran is 1 and he will grow into this comfy [...]