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A Day in Mount Pleasant

How do we spend a day in Mount Pleasant? Take a look below to see what the Flüffians do in one of Vancouver’s most beloved neighborhoods. First stop, coffee: MATCHSTICK COFFEE – Grab a pastry and beautiful black coffee from Matchstick. The knowledgeable staff will assist with any coffee q’s & a’s. A photo posted

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Mobile Backgrounds to Get You Through Winter

With the buckets of snow we’ve been getting in Canada, we’re dreaming of the next warm getaway. Download our mobile backgrounds to get you through winter this season! Download Instructions: Right-click to open link in a new window. Drag and drop the image to your computer folder of choice! Click HERE to download our blow-hole background.

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The World’s Nicest McDonald’s

You heard us. We just walked into the world’s nicest McDonald’s, located in a South-Eastern suburb of Melbourne. Australia is notoriously recognized as a leader in interior design. The bold, yet polished, way of styling is really the future of North America’s interiors. Check out the McCafe’s modern tiling and display cases. How about this

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Ditch These Design Trends in 2017

Design trends change constantly, we’re here to keep you up to speed! Here’s the top design trends to ditch in 2017: ENTIRE MID-CENTURY SPACES credit: delightfull This trend is still popular, but we’re seeing less homes being entirely done in this style. Buy key pieces but ditch the head-to-toe mid-century looks ALL-WHITE  credit: Pinterest This

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How to Set Goals and Achieve them

Every New Years, we set goals and (try) to achieve them. We’re showing you how to set goals that you’ll actually stick to. Read more below: credit: tumblr UTILIZE TOOLS try these apps to set goals use journals and goal-trackers from great stores like Kikki.K Trello is a great online list-maker that would work for

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What To Do and See in Sydney

We recently drove to Sydney and compiled a list of all the wonderful things to do and see in Sydney. Check it out below! BONDI BEACH Bondi Beach is as amazing as it’s made out to be. The stunning blue waves (and people) are a site to not be missed. SHOPPING AT THE ROCKS There’s tons

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Wall Art Trends for 2017

It feels like interior trends are constantly changing! We’re here to show you the top trends for the new year. Here’s our wall art trends for 2017: The key notes for 2017 art trends… washed-out tones a faded look colours not subjects de-saturated light and airy Here are some examples of this stunning art trend… source:

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Pantone Colour of the Year 2017 – Greenery

We are always interested in what Pantone has to say about colour trends for the new year. Often on point, the institute was spot on with Rose Quartz last year as we saw light pink become a staple in home decor. This year Pantone has decleared Greenery as their colour of the year and the reasons make sense,