The Flüff Studio Presents ~ Renü

2018 is coming to and end and the gang at Flüff has started gearing up for a great 2019. The fist order of business is our annual “vision meeting” led by Patti. This is an important goal setting meeting we have every December. It’s where we talk about our personal and professional goals for the

Flüff Hosts a Design Class

  Last week, Studio at Flüff hosted Bea O’Driscoll’s Interior Decorating class. The students were instructed in theory, design practice, and staging industry. Afterwards, they were filed into teams to design a desk setup for 3 different demographics: A student living in Gastown, A single, architect in Kitsilano, and a mature married couple in Langley.

Flüff: February Breakfast with Leesa Hubbard

We want to thank everyone who attended last week’s Breakfast Meeting with Leesa Hubbard, founder and CEO of Social Influence Marketing. If you missed last month’s Breakfast Meeting, check out this quick Q&A video with Leesa on how you can grow your business and get accustomed to social marketing. Leesa also talks about using a 30 Day