Patti reno reveal gallery wall

Patti’s Reno Reveal and Flüff’s Gallery Wall Finished

Today we want to show you Patti’s reno reveal and finish up our series on gallery walls! The Aspens condo project has been a work in progress for the last few months and here it is finished!! First we will address the gallery wall project and our tricks for streamlining the installation process. Gallery Wall

4 Ways to Style a Pink Sofa – Part4

The 4th and final post in our series,”4 Ways to Style a Pink Sofa”, has all the drama! Pink is not just for girls and Eliane and Sam prove that by incorporating the Aubrey Sofa in Blush Velvet into a modern, moody living room. This design uses black and white decor, gold accents and luxurious

Guest Post: A Major Renovation at “The Flophouse”

I’ve lived through a renovation or two before. The house my parents bought when I was a kid was filthy, reeked of cat pee, had a horribly overgrown yard, and was generally decrepit. They’ve been slowly renovating it for 16 years. My dad bought an abandoned karaoke bar on East Hastings Street and converted into

Patti’s Rental House: The Grand Reveal

Well my rental property transformation is done.  I couldn’t have done it without my amazing team; from construction to design it was an incredibly collaborative effort.   Step one was definitely discussing the vision of what this home could and should look like.  Anyone who knows me is aware of my love of grey so

The Final Result!

After all the planning and hard work, the final result is amazing. This cute house was a pleasure to work on and to stage, we are ecstatic with the results! Please leave a comment and let us know what you think. Click on the image below to view a slide show of this project.

The Main Bath

The main bath was so dated.  The corner shower felt really grimy, a new one was definitely in order.  The cream soaker tub had to be saved for budgetary reasons, so we had to work around that.  New brushed nickel hardware and a new cabinet did the trick. The gold trim and frosted door on the shower really

And the Kitchen…

The kitchen really needed a new look.  The cabinets were in surprising good condition and were white, why change them? A good scrub and they brightened right up. This particular kitchen didn’t require it but another quick fix is to change the cabinet hardware, inexpensive and makes a world of difference. We added  stainless steel appliances, which always

The Fireplace

The fireplace was charred and dirty as it had once been a wood burning fireplace, it’s long since been converted to gas.  There was a firebox for wood storage that we converted to decorative shelving and the fireplace cleaned up nicely.  We painted over the gold portions of the fireplace a matte black to modernize the appearance (a quick fix that