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I have to share my most recent WONDERFUL “foodie” experience I had in our fine city.

One was an incredibly delicious meal at a relatively new establishment called Latitude. It is located at Main and 16th in Vancouver. Everything we had was so absolutely incredible. If you happen to be a fan of polenta I would easily say their version is just about the best I can remember – served with wild mushrooms! Very interesting menu, good wine list, but only one small suggestion… my husband loves his draft beer and this restaurant does not offer draft.


My second great restaurant experience was at Crave in West Vancouver on Marine Drive. They have a fabulous patio, great service and wonderful food. My fave was the roasted beet salad! It was a toss-up with the grilled prawns with fennel salad. The prices are so reasonable too. Fine dining at affordable prices!


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  1. Hi Patti – Thanks for your feedback. We initially had plans for draft, but our desire to carry the numbers of wine that we wanted took over most of the bar space. We are looking space ideas right now, so you never know! Again, thanks for your little review. Your blog looks great, p.s.

    Cheers, Lisa

  2. Patti says:

    Oh Lisa, don’t worry about the beer. I only drink wine and your wine list is great. Hubby is just fine with bottled beer. We can’t wait to return!

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