December 1, 2009

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Another site visit today. This is the first time we have been on the property in full sunshine. The view is incredible! I can’t wait to sit on that deck next spring.

The demo team was there taking “core samples”. (It sounds like we are drilling for oil) They checked out the attic. Dry as a bone and lots of insulation. So far so good. Yes, the walls are lath and plaster. Not so good. That will soon be changed to drywall. Some attention needs to be given to the structural integrity of the deck. Not a surprise – 50 years of west coast elements is sure to have an effect. We are on track and ready for Dec. 10.

The previous owner’s son and daughter-in-law were there. (they are our age. The previous owner is 96) They were so helpful in telling us lots of info about the house, garden and neighbourhood. I hope Judy will come and teach me something about gardening. I think I slept through that class but I am excited to learn.

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