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Happy Holidays!

Here we go again!  With help from so many of you, our2008 “Holiday Project” was a huge success.  Last year’s grateful recipients of all of your generosity and our hard work was a family in dire need.  Upon completion of the project, the home was fully equipped with everything necessary for them to begin their new life.

This year we are extremely excite to have the opportunity to help a very deserving organization, the Easter Seal House.  What an incredible place!  The Easter Seal House provides a “home away from home” for families visiting Vancouver to obtain medical treatment for their children with disabilities.  The organization strives to create an environment for their patrons that is as similar to home as possible while the family goes through this difficult time.  Easter Seal House in Vancouver provides a low-cost, clean, and caring place to stay for more than 100 parents and children every night.  The kindness and generosity within this organization and its remarkable staff are beyond description.

There are two very “tired” common lounge areas that are in need of new furniture, art, and some kid-friendly accessories.  We must keep durability and comfort in mind as these lounges are busy day and night. In addition, the Easter Seal House is also in need of the following items:

Kitchen Equipment: Pots & Pans, Sets of Dishes, Teaspoons & Bread knives

Toys (must be washable material; no fabric please): DVD’s, Fisher Price & Little Tikes toys

Clothing: for Babies, Children 5-10 & Woman

Furniture: End Tables, Small Table Lamps, Leather sofa, Loveseat and Chair grouping

Our goal is to have the two lounges completely installed, decorated, and ready for use by December 22.  In addition, we are starting a fund to replace all of the kitchen cabinetry.  We will be accepting monitary donations for the entire year to come.  Any donations to this project will be very much appreciated by the staff at Fluff Designs and we know that we can speak for everyone at the Easter Seal House.  They are so greatfful for any help we are able to provide.

Receipts will be provided for any tax-deducatible donation over $20.

To Donate please contact Jennie or Sami and 604.876.3747

We are so EXCITED to make a difference in people’s lives this holiday season!  Let us know if you would like to get involved.

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