January 25th, 2010

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There’s a reason I drive a mini-van!

I have been having a “challenge” finding a tub that fits ALL of my criteria;

  • contemporary of course,
  • linear/rectangular,
  • no bigger than 5’,
  • can be either drop-in or freestanding,
  • must have a centre drain (we discovered concrete where the normal drain would have been)
  • and of course we have to consider cost.

After extensive research I found 2 different tubs that can work;

  1. a freestanding-$2500-not guaranteed to be CSA approved-order time 2-4 weeks
  2. a drop-in by Porcher-10-12 weeks from Portugal-they couldn’t find the price (not a good sign) but nice

Then something wonderful happened. While chatting with the very helpful people at Splashes they told me that American Standard has a tub that looks exactly like the Porcher one I had spec’d. I raced right down there to see and to my surprise there was one sitting in the yard (customer ordered the wrong one). They sold it to me for $300 on the condition I took it right now!!! It fit perfectly in the back of the van. What a savings!

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