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Sometimes we come across tips and tricks that we just can’t help but share, this is one I’ve been doing for a while and think is fantastic.

Rice cooker oatmeal!  Here’s how I do it, I prepare everything at night, steel-cut oats, almond milk and water in the rice cooker (no need to refrigerate) then in the morning, start it, hop in the shower, stir it once add dried fruit and nuts (sometimes I add sliced banana, or adding diced apple at the start works out well too!) by the time I’m dressed it’s done!

Click on the photo below for a link to some on-line recipes. Just a note of caution I have read that some people are having problems with the oats frothing and overflowing? I have not had this problem but then that could be because I don’t use quick oats and opt for the more timely steel-cut??? Who knows, my recommendation is to keep an eye on it the first time you try to see how it goes. Please post  comments, let us know how it worked for you, or any great oatmeal recipes you have.

Rice cooker oatmeal

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