Scratches in furniture?

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Here’s a tip on how to remove the pesky little scratches and dings in wood furniture…

Walnut furniture repair

What You Need

Ingredients [OR] Materials
dinged up wood furniture
one walnut (or pecan)


1. Identify areas of your wooden furniture that are unsightly because they have been bumped or scraped.

2. Get your walnut.

3. Rub the walnut on the damaged area.

4. Watch in amazement as the damaged area begins to darken.

5. Step back and admire your work.

Click on the above image for the original post and comments from people who have tried this tip!! Good luck with your nuts and scratches!

*Note it’s the oil in the nuts that cause the scratched area to darken*

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  1. Thanks Patti, great tip, i am going to get meself some pecans and start scratching!


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