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Beka’s is riding a new bike with an electric propulsion system, this bike is amazing it has four levels of pedal assist for all fitness levels and is super easy to ride and control.

The BionX system is naturally intuitive. Energy is provided in proportion to the torque applied to the pedals: Pedal harder and get a stronger and faster assistance, pedal lightly and receive gentle, gradual assistance. Stop pedaling and your assistance is automatically cut off. Each pedal stroke is analyzed separately by a microprocessor, equalizing your energy so you can concentrate on enjoying a smooth, powerful and precise ride.

BionX designs, develops and manufactures electric propulsion systems for bicycles. The BionX brand name has quickly become synonymous with Intelligent Mobility, technology leadership, highest product quality and reliable customer service in the market for premium electric bicycles. They are the only company in the industry providing complete and proven solutions to bicycle manufacturers and to consumers through their retrofit kits.

Their goal is to improve the natural and urban environment by designing interfaces between man and machine, utilizing smart systems and green technology. Their products are a key enabler to reducing carbon emissons and – in addition – change the mode of transportation, in particular in urban areas. While electric propulsion systems reduce emissions, they don’t necessarily provide solutions to road congestion in urban centers, a growing challenge around the world. They are working on solutions for alternative mobility solutions. They call this Intelligent Mobility.

BionX is headquartered in Aurora, Canada with satellite sales and engineering offices in Canada, Europe and the United States. EPS Inc. and the BionX brand are operated and owned by Magna Marque International Inc.

BionX units are available at various retailers in Vancouver

JV Bike www.jvbike.com

Reckless Bike Store www.reckless.ca

Bikes on the Drive www.bikesonthedrive.com

Cap’s Bicycle Shop Sapperton (New West)  www.capsbicycleshop.com/

Mighty Riders www.mightyriders.ca

Cambie Cycles www.cambiecycles.com

Rocky Cycle (Surrey) www.rockycycle.com

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