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Learn to take portfolio ready photographs of your projects with 2 of Vancouver’s premiere photographers.

Aura Mckay and Barry Calhoun will be co-hosting this 2 day event that will cover topics including camera settings, lighting, and composition. All skill levels are welcome whether you have just recently purchased a point and shoot or you have good command of your digital SLR. If you want to take better pictures of your projects this workshop is for you!

Saturday October 2nd – Introduction to Interiors    $210

9am to Noon – At the Flüff showroom

Aura will cover a little bit of theory focusing on five practical tips for achieving better results when photographing interiors. Learn how to produce images that help you showcase your style and creativity, build your brand and get you clients. This workshop is perfect for beginners with point and shoot cameras. Please bring in 3 of your own images for feedback and discussion.
2pm to 5pm – On location
 The afternoon session is all hands on! On location in a fabulous town home on the North Shore, offering three floors, several rooms, and photographic challenges to play in and learn from. Barry Calhoun, professional architectural and interior photographer, shows you how to practically apply the skills you learned in the morning. Working with you to hone your compositional skills, proper use of a tripod, exposure bracketing, and use of custom white balance for truer color to add pop and clarity to your images.
 Sunday October 3rd – Advanced Interior Photography    $250
Ready for more? Already comfortable with the basic techniques and curious how the pro’s get those great shots in such challenging situations? Aura and Barry team up to talk about professional lighting and post-processing techniques that can take your photographs to the next level. This is a much more technical day and participants are encouraged to have a good working knowledge of their digital cameras.
9am to 11am – At the Flüff showroom
The morning session is a slide show demonstration and discussion on how to shoot for layered images to balance lighting colors and contrast, professional lighting, and techniques for getting straight lines in small spaces.
1pm to 5pm – On Location
In the afternoon, we are on location at a newly renovated home on the North Shore with fantastic views, offering an opportunity to discuss dealing with problematic lighting situations using specialty lenses and lighting equipment. Barry and Aura will walk you through a professional shooting production in one room, demonstrating compositional challenges, lens choices, camera placement, overcoming lighting challenges, and multiple exposures for blending in post-production. Then it’s your turn to play!
Please download the registration form here, or visit the events page of our website for registration! We look forward to seeing everyone here for this amazing event.
Introduction to Interiors    $210 
Advanced Interior Photography    $250 
We also welcome anyone to attend both days of the workshop for $425 
Tripod rentals  $20

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