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Good Riddance: Showing Clutter the Door

Authors: Susan Borax and Heather Knittel

Good Riddance: Showing Clutter the Door is a reality check and must-read for self-described packrats – and those in denial – on the issue of household accumulation. Authors and professional organizers Susan Borax and Heather Knittel refer to this phenomenon as CRUD – Completely Ridiculous Useless Debris. These are your 101 least favorite things you hope Godzilla will obliterate by stepping through your roof on his way to crushing a packed movie theatre. It’s the stuff you ignore, forget, hide, pile up or lose. Using humour and brutally honest advice, Borax and Knittel dissect every room in the house and tackle the most common CRUD problems they’ve encountered. Instead of cringing, the reader will laugh her way to a clutter-free existence in less time than it would take to alphabetize her CDs, spend her tax refund or get her husband to replace a leaky showerhead. 

In Good Riddance: Showing Clutter the Door, Borax and Knittel challenge the reader to imagine a life minus 30-year-old college textbooks, boxes full of mildewed tie-dyed garments and drawers brimming with leaky soy sauce packets. Armed with helpful guidelines, readers will be inspired to probe that terrifying crawl space, tackle the avalanche-prone linen closet and open the boxes coated with the protective layer of dust.

The book supplies a dose of comic relief for those struggling with life-long co-dependent relationships with their possessions. Here’s a guide that examines, elucidates and offers practical solutions for fighting the battle against clutter.

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