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An article in Friday’s Globe and Mail caught my eye, “A factory-made modern home“, after seeing so many beautiful modular homes in various architecture magazines such as Dwell I’m excited to see the MONAD development in Kits, by Oliver Lang of Lang Wilson Practice in Architecture Culture. Lang has designed 4 urban homes on the standard 33- by 110-foot lot size of a single family home. The utilization of space is amazing, the modules are high quality, sustainable, and built to withstand Vancouver’s damp climate. Modular or Pre-Fab  housing is very popular in Europe with Scandinavia boasting over 80% of homes being pre-fab, and Germany following suit, will this be a new trend in architecture for Vancouver? The benefits include less invasive construction with projects being completed quicker and a smaller construction footprint, noise for neighbours is reduced, and the workers who live near the Surrey factory where the modules are made don’t have to commute into the city. This particular development includes geo-exchange heating and cooling, a very cost efficient and sustainable climate control system, and many other energy saving features. Please click on the image below to view the original article, we would love to hear your thoughts.

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