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Recently we had the privilege of staging the SFU Sustainable Laneway Home “West House”. West House is a made-in-Vancouver demonstration of a sustainability. It showcases leading-edge small footprint residential design, energy-efficient, integrated systems and interactive technologies that encourage a sustainable lifestyle. The building itself was designed and built by Small Works, a local Vancouver company dedicated to building sustainable, attractive, modest sized family homes, built to an exceptional standard. West House was designed with sustainability in the forefront, including an in home information system that encourages the occupant to use fewer resources more effectively. The information system is integrated into every portion of the home, providing real-time performance statistics beyond the traditional computer interface. For example, informative art elements like the dynamic kitchen backsplash’s illuminated display that subtly changes with water, electricity and gas use. Occupants can also monitor and control the home from any web browser anywhere, the interface is also compatible with an iPhone! Click on the image below to see a slide show of the property or click here for more information.

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