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Here at Flüff we have decided to make Mondays “inspiration Mondays”, every monday we will post something that inspires us, a photo, a fabric, a building… It is important to constantly be open to inspiration it can come in the most unexpected ways, stay tuned for more inspiration posts!

It’s amazing what can inspire me!  I was in a “diner” for breakfast on the weekend and was so taken with the retro arborite on the table top.  I would love to have fabric made with this print.  It would look so good in its current colour scheme, but can you imagine it in purple, acid green or chrome yellow?!


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  1. Sacha K. Chabros says:

    I think someone has redone it. I don’t remember where I saw it though.

  2. corinne says:

    YES!!!! Purple, lime green and black would be awesome!

  3. […] the lime-olicious, it’s reminiscent of a diner table top we blogged about previously. Our wish of this being a fabric pattern has come […]

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