A New Exciting Renovation!

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We are so excited to be following this renovation!  My good friends Jan and Jim bought the Ron Thom designed Carmichael House in West Vancouver.  It is iconic in its design but is definitely in need of some TLC.  If you aren’t familiar with the Carmichael Home this Globe and Mail article will give you a great overview of its significance.

I have known Jan and Jim for 25+ years and have seen many renos, new builds, landscaping transformations and creations and am still dazzled by their talent.  I can’t wait to see the process and especially the end result.   Their intention is to bring this house back to its glory and into this millennium. Click on the image below to see a slide show of some of the amazing detail, including numerous built ins, of this house. Stay tuned for updates along the way.

Click on the images to view more photos of this amazing property


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