False Creek Project

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A couple of months ago we were approached by Tom and Susan, a very adventurous, outdoorsy couple who needed a personal touch in their brand new False Creek condo. Our initial site visit also happened to be the couple’s first peek, which added to the excitement from the very beginning. Prior to hiring us the couple purchased a beautiful reclaimed wood table from Live Edge which we used as our stepping off point and our inspiration. Tom and Susan were dream clients from start to finish, completely trusting us throughout the whole design process. It was such a pleasure to work with them. Our goal for Keep Fluff is to create a home that reflects our client’s personalities and lifestyle.

When we revealed the completed project, the looks on their faces were priceless.  Here is what they had to say;

‘I wanted you to know just how much Tom and I enjoyed and appreciated working with Kyla and Carmen.  They made the whole process of selecting furniture and decorating our new home a pleasurable experience.  I do not particularly like shopping and am easily overwhelmed by choices, prices etc. even when I have an idea of what I would like.  I was clueless about some aspects of the decorating process, like paint colours.  I love that everything works so well together and each room flows one into the other.  We are absolutely delighted with our new home and find it very comfortable for living.  Many thanks.  I don’t hesitate to tell people about the great service we received!’

We hope Tom, Susan and their two cute doggies are happy in their new home.

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