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Whenever a sledgehammer is involved, things usually turn ugly. But not at the Carmicheal House. This sledgehammer broke down a couple walls and moved the front door further away. This created more space in the house! Also, we found a rare item; an original George Nelson Bubble Lamp! These lamps were created in the 1940s.

Like what Howard Miller wrote in his 1968 sales brochure, “The airy, lighthearted ‘Bubbles’ designed by George Nelson, make lamps and lighting fixtures that are so effective and functional in today’s contemporary settings.  Their pleasing shapes are fashioned in sturdy, light-weight steel and a special translucent white plastic”. It is true because the lamp is still functional and in one piece after so many years! As always, the Carmicheal House is full of surprises and treasures.

For more images of the Carmicheal House Renovation, please visit our flickr page.

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