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September is one of the most stressful months of the year because it is back to school season. As parents, you have to think of what school supplies to buy, which clothing style to purchase, what food they want to eat at lunch time and much more. Don’t worry, Fluff Designs is here to the rescue. Well, at least for the home decor part. We came up with a couple of simple yet fun ideas to fluff up dorm rooms for both boys and girls. The boys room has a darker tone with a turquoise accent. The black pattern gives the room a cool and mysterious personailty, while the turquoise gives a fresh and calm feeling.

The girls room has a lighter tone with orange accents. The stylish polka dot pattern gives the room a  playful and chic personailty, while the orange gives a sense of energy and edge.

Tips for Decorating a Dorm Room and Small Spaces:

  1. Lighting – In small spaces, task lighting is a must. It can brighten up the room. With a task lamp on the desk, beside the bedside table and reading chair, you can be more productive while studying and reading.
  2. Storage – Every dorm room needs a bookshelf for all those textbooks. If space does not allow, you can be inventive with storage. For example, storage under your bed or multifunction furniture (like the ones designed by Lucy Au).
  3. Colour – Most dorm rooms are painted in a basic beige and you don’t always have the option to add colours to the wall. Don’t worry, add a punch of colour to an accent chair, your bedding or artwork. The living space will become more lively and energetic.

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