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With today’s economy, people are spending less on designing and decorating their living spaces. I am sure a lot of people are doing what Jay Leno did during the Good Neighbour segment of his show on October 19th, 2011. He used old junk found lying around the house and revived them into (somewhat) usable objects. What he had done was unusual but pracitcal as it helps people save. At Fluff, we have tips to enrich your home decor without spending much time and money.

  1. Someone’s trash can be another’s treasure – If vintage is your style, the flea market might be a place to go to strike a bargain. After some patching and painting, you will have a revived old table or chair. If you need more insight, designers often share ideas on magazine or TV programs like The Picker Sisters.
  2. Think before you throw – Paint the empty bottles and bowls to fit the room’s color scheme and use them as a centerpiece. Old plates can also be wall decorations as well. Paint and redecorate them, then hang it on the wall. Make it a family event by letting the kids join the party, have fun!
  3. Be extraordinary – Move your Zen room/garden into the bathroom by placing stones and pebbles on the floor. Your newly decorated bathroom will look modern, stylish and unique, if done consistently with  the style of the room. Place some bamboo or nature-inspired accessories to increase the tranquilness of the room. This can bring a sense of nature back to your life.
  4. Colorize – Instead of having art blocks on your wall, make a color block wall with small boxes or cardboard. Choose your color scheme and paint the same-sized boxes. Place them on the wall in a square or rectangle formation or in a pattern. The wall can bring some accent and rhythm to the room.
  5. Clearance Rack – many decorating stores (like HomeSense) have great clearance/bargain sections where you can find great items for affordable prices.

For more design tips and tricks, visit our tips and tricks section on our blog.

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