Erica's first install at Fluff

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Today, Erica went on her first install with Kristen and Alaina and we want her to share her experience on our blog.

“I got the exciting news that I get to stage my first property. At this point I’m so excited, heart racing, but still a bit nervous. The Fluff van arrives at a beautiful home in Point Grey and the journey as a “Fluffian” begins. We unload, unwrap and place all the accessories in their respective rooms to be redesigned. I am assigned the wine cellar, downstairs en-suite bathroom, the upstairs master bathroom and the upstairs office. Upon beginning my first room, I find it hard to stop accessorizing. My mind tells me more, but my design instinct tells me less is more! Knowing when to stop is a very important factor when staging a space. In BCIT, we are trained to enhance already existing focal points and create cohesiveness in each room. After hanging all the art that I selected and placing all the objects creating a flow throughout the house, the project was a success! The client was happy with the result. This was a great start and I look forward to all my future projects!”

To view more project images, visit our Flickr page.

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  1. Congratulations Erica!

  2. kristen says:

    The property looked great Erica! Can’t wait to see more work from you.

  3. We are glad our followers like Erica’s work. More to come in the near future!

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