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It is hard to walk around a room filled with items like board games, CDs, remote controls, magazines, gloves and so on.  What can you do? We have some simple solutions for that.

  • Incorporate chests into the living room to store all the items you desire. Chests are also a great to use as a surface to display framed photos, awards and provides a place for a lamp.
  • If there are more than 4 remote controls in your living room, use a universal remote control instead. Most universal remote controls can replace 4-5 other remotes and they support many brands and devices. Less is sometimes more.
  • Add tall vertical bookshelves near walls to minimize the spread-out factor and maximize the floor space.
  • Use floating shelves for home offices to organize typical office clutter, such as books and folders. It will make the space look clean and modern.
  • Place a shelving unit in a big space to create two smaller spaces (ie. living space and work space). The shelving unit can act as a divider and you can store toys and smaller objects in these boxes as they will fit perfectly in the shelving unit.

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  1. Awesome post! I always need new declittering ideas 😉

  2. Sorry – “decluttering”, of course.

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