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It was so nice to be at IDS as a spectator and not an exhibitor.  I got to appreciate some of the show in an entirely different way.  Here are some of the highlights:

First stop was to PROVIDE.  It is always such a treat to see what Robert and David are showcasing.  David has designed a collection of pillows that are gorgeous.  Lots of brights juxtaposed to organic and earth and definitely a geometric feel.  I LOVE them.

There were a few booths “re-purposing” items but I was most impressed with “Rubbish Rehab”.  Classic chairs refinished and recovered with very interesting fabrics.  I know we have seen this for awhile but they put an interesting spin on these items.  Worth checking out their site.

In the same vein was Wippowillow.  Kate is a fabric designer (and a good one I must say).  She then takes her beautiful fabrics and creates custom lampshades and pillows.  Very interesting.

At Eco Floor Store, Jared had a very interesting product – flexible slate.  It looks like and IS slate adhered to “something” creating a product that is about the same consistency as heavy cardstock.  My imagination was going wild.  There are so many possibilities for this product.  I can’t wait to incorporate it somewhere in our world.

Keith at 2nd Century Rugs ( a division of Burritt Bros.) was showcasing incredible pieced rugs made from bits and pieces of old rugs then surfaced dyed (The purple and the acid green were to die for!). Elte in Toronto has been offering a similar product for the past year.  I am so happy to see them available in Vancouver.

And last but not least, this light fixture made me sigh.  I saw it just as I was leaving the show and what a way to end my day!

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