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It’s finally here. October Inspiration Tuesday! Are you ready to win? For contest details, please click this link. For the month of October, the prize is a $50 Gift Card from HomeSense. Vote and earn a chance to win it! So exciting! The following are the finalists for this October Inspiration Tuesday.

From Kristen:

“At Flüff we are always looking to give back to community in some way.  I think that this video is  incredibly inspiring because it is both creative and it is a fundraiser for a cause that she is really passionate about.  As a designer I am always trying to make the same inventory look different, new and exciting.  I love the way she mixed accessories and other clothing pieces into her wardrobe to create a new look every day. So Cool!”

From Patti:

“A day doesn’t go by that I am inspired by something.  Often times, nature plays a big part in that.  Rick and I had planned a hiking trip in the mountains in Colorado and to my surprise the Aspens had
turned the most beautiful yellow.  Every turn presented me with another amazing vista. Needless to say our hike was interrupted with photo ops!”

From Stephanie:

“Together with a unique honeycomb design on almost every surface, the Ozone bar/lounge is a whole new world. Located on the top of the 118th floor Ritz Carlton hotel in Hong Kong, designer Katamaya shows a new level of creativity and imagination. Using dramatic lighting effects and contrasting textures, this new lounge is an engaging and mesmerizing environment.”

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  1. niina says:

    I pick Patti’s selection. The colours are amazing and it’s natural!

  2. I’m for Patti’s pic. Now, off to buy some more yellow inventory!

  3. I pick Patti’s pic! beautiful, simple, inspiring, nature. I LOVE fall colours.

  4. I love what Kristen did! As a Decorator we are always finding unique ways to jazz up something common like a sofa or a table in order to custom it to the clients style. She did a creative job jazzing up one outfit in so many fun ways and on top of it for a great cause! My votes for Kristen!

  5. Sara says:

    I really like Kristen’s pic. The Uniform Project is such an interesting and inspiring story!

  6. Cindy @ UP says:

    I love the vibrancy of Patti’s photos; intricate and simple at the same time! PS: Hazel, your example, though non-votable is STUNNING!

  7. BvO says:

    Kristen’s inspiration is the most inspiring because it’s the one that seeks to serve someone else. That’s real inspiration, I think.

  8. Joel Harsevoort says:

    Best job by Kristen; truly inspirational! Great job.

  9. Naomi B says:

    I LOVE the uniform project! Love the style, love the awareness, love the amount of inspiration it has already created. Kristen gets my vote!

  10. Coby says:

    Woah! The UP Project is super cool! Kristen gets my vote 🙂 I love how creative she got with her outfits! I can’t go a week without wearing the same thing twice, and that is with a ton of clothing in my closet!

  11. Negar says:

    I love the colors of Patti’s photos, they are so bold yet soft at same time so it would be my first vote! I do love Kristen’s uniforms, I watched the clip few times…well done Kristen! 🙂

  12. Benjamin Barrile says:

    Kristen never fails to inspire as she clearer show here. 🙂

  13. I pick Kristen’s uniform project. I love that such a simple idea and someone who is committed to carrying it out really can make a big impact on the word. I also loved watching all the creative ways she spiced up one simple article of clothing for a year. Bravo!

  14. Terry Wilson says:

    I vote for Kristen.

  15. Isabel says:

    Ok I love the uniform project as much as I love the “The The” track they’ve used on the video. The 80’s bands always take my vote, music will always and forever inspire me 🙂 Steph and Patti, great job too.

  16. Tough call! Each of you have shown such different scopes of amazingness (new word). I have to vote from Kristen as well, I watched every single outfit change & fell in love with the project. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Carol Hyslop says:

    I love the Uniform Project…SO inspiring, and kinda how I decorate. I’ve got great basics that I love, and am constantly playing with accessories to keep things fun and fresh.

  18. tracy ashley says:

    hooray for the uniform project! love it!!

  19. Chris Hellewell says:

    My vote is for Kristen, rethinking how to do more with less and supporting a good cause really impressed me.

  20. Alison Douma says:

    I vote for Kristen – very inspiring indeed!

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