What's the feeling of your room?

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In spite of the actual size of your room, there are many techniques available to help create a sense of spaciousness or coziness – depending on your personal style.

If you want your room to be spacious, contemporary design might be your cup of tea.


  • Eliminate the shadows
  • diffused, ambient lighting tends to make the room feel larger.


  • Soft colors and monochromatic color schemes
  • cream, beige and cool gray pastels color on the floors
  • ceilings should have the lightest color in the room

If you want your room to be cozy – urban, classic design might be your cup of tea.


  • use direct lighting
  • a reading lamp or down-shaded lamp will cast light only in its relative vicinty
  • use incandescent lamps for a warmer glow


  • strong colors for walls and floors
  • dark floor with walls of brown or deep red, blue or green tones will help create the feeling of a smaller, cozier space.

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