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I found an interesting editorial from The Vancouver Suns last Friday. Doug McClelland and Anthony Tucker lived the ultimate West Coast lifestyle on a floating home in Coal Harbour for the last 20 years. Their floating home is surrounded by water and boats, parks and mountains, and just minutes away from the big city. Because of Russ Chernoff, a great architect, the first floating home built under the city’s new design guidelines was born. Chernoff, a principal of Chernoff Thompson Architects who once lived on a boat, has designed numerous floating homes and spoken on the topic internationally.

The decks are more sculpted, the exterior is more elaborate, and there’s an extra bathroom and a separate office. Instead of a ladder to the roof, there is  now an indoor stairway. The gleaming new kitchen has white granite countertops,  a counter-depth Blomberg fridge and Ädel Ikea cabinets in a Shaker style to  match the doors throughout the house. All the furniture is new, from Dekora. As  before, there are two bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs, with the kitchen, living  and dining room downstairs. However, the kitchen is now on an inside wall, so  the exterior walls can all be glass.

Decks on all three levels (off the living room, the master bedroom and on the  roof) along with copious windows and skylights expand the 1,157-square-foot  living space both visually and physically, as well as connecting it to its  environment. This home is truly magnificent. A lovely and beautiful island for both Doug and Anthony.

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