Christmas in Rio

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Christmas is always an exciting time to decorate. In Rio de Jeneiro, fireworks and an 85 meter high floating Christmas tree are part of the festivities.  The tree is situated on the Rodrigo de Freitas lake, decorated with over 3 million christmas lights that alternate in design. This is definitely something worth looking at or visiting if you’re lucky enough to be in Rio during the holiday season!

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  1. Isabel says:

    You’ve seen nothing! Check out NYE in Copacabana. They go crazy! In NYE in Brazil everyone wears white. It’s a tradition that has been going around for years, customs are related to good luck or fortune. For example, if they are in a beach city, after midnight, people go to the beach, jump seven waves and throw flowers in the sea while making a wish. This will bring them good luck and fortune. They say that the goddess who protects the sea will make their wishes come true. Because of that, some people also light candles in the sand on the beach. I think this custom came from the mix of the African and Indian cultures that developed in Brazil and have spread from coast to coast.

  2. Wow, swim in the winter. I don’t think that will be ideal for North Amercians…

  3. Jennie says:

    There’s the polar bear swim here in North America. Definitely not ideal swimming conditions, but gives you a rush for sure!…
    NYE in Cobacabana sounds like an AMAZING place to be 🙂

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