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It’s alway so hard to market your property during the holiday season, as the clutter of Christmas can accumulate quickly.  The Vancouver Sun has a wonderful tip list on how to celebrate with your family and still have space  in your home for your realtor and  prospective buyers.  One must always remember that the selling of your property is the best Christmas present ever!

This is a list of things to avoid when hoping to sell:

1. Too many lights: A home will dazzle more if lights are kept to a tasteful minimum. Sellers should opt for white lights instead of multi-coloured, flashing bulbs to provide a more neutral glow to a home.

2. Forgetting to clear the snow: Snow can look beautiful on trees, but drive-ways and walkways should be cleared as soon as the flakes fall. Buyers should be able to move freely during an open house.

3. No life or landscape: Give buyers a chance to imagine the potential in your landscape. Frost-resistant plants allow sellers to liven up walkways with-out taking away the buyer’s ability to envision his or her dream outdoor spaces.

4. Not cosy: Everyone appreciates a warm, cosy home – especially in the winter. Set the thermostat at a warm temperature for the whole day.

5. Engage the senses: Simmering a pot of cider with cinnamon during open houses or showings will create a warm, festive feeling.

6. Lingering odours: Be aware of those holiday dishes that may leave a strong odour.

7. Hiding a home’s seasonal bests: Photos of the home’s back and front yards, gardens and patios in spring and summer will show potential buyers what the house looks like when it is not buried under snow and when the leaves are still on trees.

8. Don’t let the tree take over: A smaller Christmas tree, with minimal decorations, will create the appearance of more space. A huge tree, on the other hand, will make the room look smaller, and busy decorations can intensify clutter.

9. Presents should not be present: It is important to cut back on clutter when showing a home.

10. Too many decorations: Remember, when selling a home during the holidays, less is always more. Whimsical ornaments can be great accents during the holidays, but be mindful not to go overboard.

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