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Having a focal point in a room can draw people’s attention to the feature upon entering and also help distract from design challenges that exist within the space . In most cases, the largest item in the room is the focal point. In most of our projects, the focal points were fireplaces, big art pieces and bright colored furniture. It’s not hard to find your room’s focal point, just walk into a room and see what draws your attention first.

  • Fireplace – accessorizing it will be one of the easiest ways. Use simple decorations and keep the focus on the fireplace. Be careful not to overwhelm it. Clutter will make the space look busy and crowded.
  • Art – Make sure the artwork is the right size for the space. In most living rooms, a 36″ x 36″ framed painting should be enough. Also, make sure the artwork you chose is color coordinated with the furniture and the rest of the room (ie. if the room has a black leather sofa and red vases, the artwork should have red and black as the dominating color).
  • Bright colored furniture – bright colored furniture can be tricky to work with but not impossible. Keep the color of the rest of the room relatively neutral to bring out the vibrant furniture color (ie. cream color rug and brown hardwood floor with bright yellow sofa).

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