Christmas Tree Made from 40,000 Recycled Plastic Bottles

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Like many Europian countries and cities, Kaunas, Lithuania is currently in a dreadful financial state and they don’t have much of a budget for Christmas events. For the third consecutive year, the city asked artist Jolanta Šmidtien? to assist with their annual holiday decorating. Jolanta challenged herself to build something that wouldn’t rely on administrative funds set aside for the event. She used nearly 40,000 recycled green bottles and zip ties to build a 13 meter tall Christmas tree. At night, the tree is lit from the inside resulting in a glowing, translucent, emerald green spruce that’s making headlines across the country. This tree brings awareness, Christmas spirits and innovation together. It would be great if other cities jumped on this bandwagon, saving both money and resources.

On behalf of the Fluffians, Merry Christmas to everyone!

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  1. elbrigaking says:

    wow, this is amazing… Indeed, I was wondering when will we stop cutting those millons of trees just to decorate our houses… This is amazing, thanks for posting!

  2. this is so amazingly fantastic! Even down to the design aspect of the curves and the way they lit it up!

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