Great Success! We Raised more than $1200 from our Christmas Party/Fundraiser! Thank you!

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Thank You to everyone who attended our Christmas party/ fundraiser, it was a success! We’d like to thank Liberty Wines, Lagrotta and Joannes fabrics and Master fabrics again for sponsoring this event.

The lucky winner of the Liberty Wine Merchant’s Gift basket Raffle draw with Ticket number 237035 is Emily Greene . As for the silent auction, here are the winners:

  • Multi Coloured Framed Bulletin Board – Allison Clarke
  • Double Sided Dusty Pink 22 x 22 Pillow – Cory Churchill
  • Owl Silhousette Frame – Barry
  • Brown Yoga Mat Bag – Patti
  • Red Velvet Frame Bulletin Board (Stand Included) – Sean Kaushakis
  • Rust/Brown Silk Pillow Set – Jennifer Rentz
  • Purple Chenille Framed Bulletin Board – Cheri
  • Green Pillow Set – Marilyn Wohl
  • ABC Wall Art – Marilyn Wohl
  • Red Pouch Blue Zipper Small – Lori Boland
  • Reversible Tote Bag ‘Birds’ – Lori Boland
  • Leather Weist Band A – Leslie Todd
  • Shoe Silhouette Set (2 pieces) – Leslie Todd
  • Orange Pouch Large (b) – Leslie Todd
  • Brown Leather Weave – Leslie Todd
  • Blue/Purple Flower Wreath – Leslie
  • Eames Silhouette Chair Set (3 pieces) – Leslie
  • Hand Croucheted Scarf – Nancy Whiteley
  • Reversible Tote bag ‘Floral’ – Nancy Whiteley
  • Navy Stripe Buttoned Pillow Set – Nancy Whiteley
  • Pink Silk Pillow Set – Sally Willcock
  • Honeycomb Yellow/Orange Pink Small – Shane
  • Multi Coloured Christmas Cards ‘Pink’ – Shane
  • Umbrella Holder – Joanne Reale
  • Yellow Circle Pouch Small – Joanne Reale
  • Gold Silk Pillow Set – Joanne Reale
  • Reversible Tote Bag with Turquoise Handles – Joanne Reale
  • Leather Weist Band B – Stephanie Sloan
  • Beige/Turquoise Yoga Mat Bag – Stephanie Sloan
  • Orange with Red + Blue Flowers Large (11)  – Kris
  • Multi Coloured Christmas Cards ‘Blue’ – Kris
  • Kissing Birds Large (7) – Kris
  • Flower Jewlery Box – Kristen
  • Yellow/Green Pattern Small (3) – Kyla
  • Blue Flowers Small (4) – Farah
  • Grey/White Flower Wreath – Jordan

The winners will be contacted via phone today. Each item will need to be picked up by tuesday and all the proceeds from the silent auction, donation and gift basket raffle will go towards Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland. To check out the party images, please visit our Flickr page. Thank you to everyone who attended for your time and generosity. We look forward to seeing you all again!

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