Properties do sell in December!

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If you need to sell your home during traditionally low buying months (December & January), there are a few tricks that can increase your success rate.

  1. Fewer sellers want people tromping through their home during Christmas which means less competition and more serious buyers.
  2. Tell your Realtor not to book appointments on the days when you want peace.
  3. Put on Christmas lights and trees to make the atomsphere more inviting and welcome.
  4. Use more red decorations over green as it is an emotionally appealing colour.
  5. Display center pieces and decorations made from pine cones or other wintery pieces of decor to create a cozy, warm feel within the space. (Check out the pine cone decoration).
  6. Bake cookies or simmer a cinnamon stick to give a great aroma and holiday spirit (smell memory lasts longest and cookies generally make people happy!).

Good luck and happy selling!

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