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Before you begin decorating, there are some tips to keep in mind:

• Sketch your floor plans for a better understanding of the room – This floor plan does not have to be professionally drawn. As long as it captures the room’s essence (size, relativity of the furnitures, etc).

• Know what you want before purchasing items – Make sure you have a solid idea on decorative schemes,themes and so on before purchasing. Think about the kind of activities your home experiences on a daily basis. Is there room for small or large groups? Is the room for dining or watching tv? This information is critical for knowing what furniture pieces are needed.

• Have contingency funds – Electrical or structural problems can be hidden until demolition. So keep a continency budget for such situations. Expect the unexpected and you will be prepared.

• Try salvage yards or flea markets – Antiques and older pieces can be made better and last longer than certain newly purchased items. With money saved from buying a used piece of furniture, you can reapholster it with your favorite fabric and make it unique.

• Mix and match materials – Consider the touch of leather and the feel of satin. It also gives the eye visual interest and is widely used by designers.

• Make sure the style reflects you – There are lots of magazines with nicely decorated rooms, but is it your taste and personality? Consider what you really like before purchasing any items.

• Be inspired by your surroundings – Yes, design magazines and websites have many beautifully decorated rooms, but you can source inspiration elswhere too! Furniture stores, hotels, your favourite restaurants, they can all be inspirations.

• Details ars key – Moldings, cabinet handles, lighting and outlet switches etc; can bring elements together and form a more cohesive appearance around the space.

• Take your time – Take time to make your decisions. There is no need to rush. The results will be better. 

Let us know what tips you might like to see by e-mailing us with your suggestions.

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