Simple and easy renovation tips – Bathroom edition

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In the mood of giving your bathroom a little makeover? There are ways for you to do it without breaking the bank! Here is how:

1. New Paint (range from $40-70 depending on brands and area) – Go for the high contrast look with deep, bold colour or try something soothing and restful like pale aqua tones. Try to stay away from greens as it tend to make you look sickly in the mirror.

2. New Accents (range from $50-100 depending on how many items you are getting) – A modern, contemporary vase, towel bar, hand towel ring, toilet paper holder and art piece can draw the eye of anyone who enters and help give a new look to your bathroom. Think brushed metallic or glamorous lucite and match your cabinet hardware to the accents. Also, towels and shower curtains can help to bring the new decor in your bathroom together. But remember; try not to clutter the space. Sometimes, less is more.

3. New Lighting (range from $30-100 depending on the wow factor) – Most light fixtures are very affordable so you can get light fixtures from independent lighting stores or big box stores. Anything from a glamorous chandelier to modern sconces will transform your space.

4. New Faucet (range from $100-200) – Faucet can be the focal point in a bathroom so make sure you are putting enough emphasis on it. With a clean, simple design finished in rustic bronze or brushed nickel can draw people’s eyes when they enter the bathroom.

5. New Mirror (range from $40-100) – You can find some interesting, fun and decorative mirrors from HomeSense, Antique stores and flea markets. Happy hunting!


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