Testimonial from Social Media Workshop with Leesa Hubbard

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“When I received the notification for the workshop registry I hesitated. I figured I’m a pretty connected person, posting on my facebook and interacting through other types of social media on a daily basis. I asked myself what more is there to social media that I should spend a full day learning about it? The answer is LOTS!
Leesa Hubbard’s workshop was by far one the best investment I’ve made for my business this year. She’s not only very knowledgeable about the subject but also makes learning social media marketing fun and easy for those who are not as connected as I am. If there was a second part to this course I would not think twice about registering as I learned last Saturday there’s always more leaning to do when it comes to marketing your own business. Thank you Leesa and Flüff for facilitating this workshop.”
Isabel – Nook Design Studio

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