How To Make Low Ceiling Look Higher

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There are several tricks one can use to create an illusion of a high ceiling in the interior. First of all it is important to choose the right color for the ceiling if it’s to be painted. Then there are vertical lines such as stripes, curtains, and other decorations that can help make the low ceiling look higher.

High ceiling make the room appear more open and it gives the interior this grand atmosphere. But even if the ceiling is low or average with the help of a few tricks it can look higher than it really is. When dealing with low ceilings think long vertical lines and light reflective colors.

Stripes & Vertical Lines

Vertical stripes in pastel hues on the walls can make the ceiling look higher. Using vertical lines in decor can also create an illusion of a higher ceiling. Long mirrors do not only make the low ceilings look higher but also make the room look bigger and lighter.

Ceiling Color & Structure

Light paint colors with reflective texture can be used to make the ceiling look higher. The walls and ceiling painted in the same light color can help visually enhance the space. Low ceilings should also be free from any kind of molding as it will only make it look lower.


When hanging artworks and wall decor place them higher than you would normally would to create an illusion of a higher ceiling. The same goes for curtains and lighting. It’s better to opt for wall lights rather than pendant lights. Also make sure the curtains are long or at least end below the windowsill.

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